The milk pack includes a container for 5ml of milk, a ring sizer and a box to return your milk.

This plastic multisize ring gauge is ideal for self finger sizing. The gauge is packaged in an instruction envelope. The multisizer works like a belt, forming a ring and then placing over the finger, adjust to give a comfortable fit. Then simply read off the indicated size. This multisizer is marked with British Ring Sizes A-Z

Milk Pack and Ring Sizer

  • After payment has been made you will receive an inclusions kit. Within this kit is a container for your inclusions, a ring sizer, returns address label and a reusable box to return your items. Please send via first class LARGE LETTER.


    • Breast milk 5ml – frozen is fine (please defrost before sending
    • Ashes 1 teaspoon (please do not send more than this)
    • 1 placenta capsule
    • 1/2 umbilical stump
    • Hair minimum 6mm length hair, preferably tied with cotton
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